Basic Pistol

New to firearms or need a refresher? This course is an introduction to the safe operation of handguns

Course Information

Course Teaching Goals

Our basic pistol course focuses on firearms safety, basic handgun operation, and introduces modern supporting equipment

  • Fundamental Firearms Safety
  • Analyzing Handgun Function and Components
  • Modern Shooting Fundamentals
  • Basic Malfunction Clearances
  • Introduction to Equipment (Holsters, Lights, Optics)
  • Drawing From a Holster (Course Dependent)
  • $75 for Our 3 Hour Course

What do I bring?

While we can supply most of the equipment needed for this course, we encourage our students to bring their own gear that they train with.

  • Fully Functional Pistol or Revolver
  • Two Magazines
  • Kydex or Equivalent Holster
  • 100-150 Rounds of Proper Ammunition
  • Eye and Hearing Protection
  • Note Pad and Pen
  • Snack and Beverage
  • Outdoor Clothing and Shoes
  • Form of Payment, Preferably Cash or Check

provided Resources

While some of this equipment list is redundant from the other tab, we often have extra gear for students who are just getting into training.

  • Snacks and Water
  • Note Taking Equipment
  • Targets
  • Eye and Hearing Protection
  • Firearm and Ammunition (Contact Us First)
  • Holsters, Magazine Carriers, Lights

House keeping

Our Basic Pistol Course is tailored to individuals who are new to firearms or need a refresher, but this course is great for seasoned shooters who are looking to review and focus on the fundamentals.

  • Students May NOT be Prohibited from Possessing Firearms
  • Be at a MATURITY Level to Safely Handle Firearms
  • Arrive a MINIMUM of 10 Minutes BEFORE Class Start
  • Open Mind Regarding Course Content
  • Be Willing to Complete a Liability Waiver

Refund Policy

Rental Policy

Students who provide 48 hours notice will be refunded in full, less any transaction fees.

Students who provide less than 48 hours notice may NOT be refunded unless a reasonable situation is noted by the student. This clause is simply put in place in an effort to avoid no-shows and ensure effective use of classroom and instructor time.

The firearm rental policy includes the price of ammunition, but students may use their own ammunition if approved by the instructor.

The range rentals include a striker fired 9mm pistol and a similar frame 22 long rifle pistol. For young or hesitant students, the 22 long rifle pistol is advised for the basic pistol shooting portion.

Firearm rental pricing is dependent on ammo expense.