Modern Firearm Instruction

Our primary goal is to transfer citizens the skills, attitude, and knowledge needed to tackle dynamic situations.

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Our Courses

Multi-State Permit to Carry

Our Permit to Carry course is tailored to individuals who have a basic understanding of firearms.

Basic Pistol Instruction

This small group course covers the basics regarding proper and safe handgun operation.

Individual Lessons

Utilizes a flexible lesson plan to fit the needs of each individual.

About us

Founded to help individuals develop Proficient skills surrounding defense

With an emphasis on the everyday person, our instructors focus on transferring the relevant information, skills, and tactics for both common and dynamic situations.

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Current Field Knowledge

Our instructors have an up to date understanding of procedures, tactics, and regulations.

Professional Content Delivery

We strive to provide a service that is effectively transferred.

Relatable Instructors

We strive to make our content easily comprehendible and relatable.

We strive to meet the needs of each student.